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Chainwave is a pixelart reaction game in a synthwave setting, in which the player has to kill approaching FlamingUFOS with his chains by pressing the right keys before they reach him.

Feel the Mood and enjoy!


CHAINWAVE_Build1.2.zip 33 MB


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I love the design of the background, characters and the animation. gameplay is interesting for a short time. the feedback regarding health is not easily readable and it took me several minutes to see and understand that there is a chain and that it has a purpose.

all in all: 3/5

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hello, I downloaded the game to try it out, I really liked the RetroWave theme and pixel art when I played it, however, the gameplay was a little lacking, and I missed a song that accompanied/showed a rhythm in the gameplay, I found the very good idea, and i see a lot of future for this game, sorry for my bad english, i'm from brazil. :]